Ayden T Case Study

Ayden T Case Study

Give us some insight into your background and education?

I am from a middle class upbringing. I left school at 16 after finishing GCSE’s to work for my families company of which I am now running.

Do you have any background knowledge in trading?

No, Football Index is my first ever experience of a trading platform. It is something I have always wanted to know about but always looked on it in the sense that I wouldn’t have any personal knowledge about the companies or products etc I would be investing in so would either be investing blindly or investing based on the advice of someone else. This was then one of the main reasons I wanted to give Football Index a try as I am a massive football fan and it is something I hugely enjoy so thought why not see if I can make some money using my knowledge.

What do you think makes a successful trader?

In terms of trading on Football Index I think having some football knowledge even if it is reasonably small will help but I think even if you don’t class yourself as having a great football knowledge you can still watch and learn what the market reacts to and why players rise and drop and I think knowledge of the Index and knowledge of why certain things happen on the market ultimately leads to success as a trader.

Have you made a profit? .. what kind of return do you anticipate from trading?

Yes, since starting trading at the end of May I started very cautiously with small deposits and started trying to learn the market and did not really have any sort of idea what to expect in terms of returns. I started with very small trades at first as I am generally quite a cautious person with money anyway. I started following a lot of traders on Twitter and seeing lots of success stories, my first thoughts on seeing these twitter accounts were that these were the most successful traders and not realistic of your every day trader and not the sort of returns I could expect. Since then as I have gained more confidence in learning the market I have been willing to invest more money on a monthly basis as I have seen and experienced the huge opportunities to make money and that the success stories I was initially seeing can actually quite easily become a reality for any trader. Money I would usually use for either going into a savings account or over paying my mortgage is now invested monthly into the index and I have almost doubled my investment in less than 6 months. I still don’t know what kind of returns I anticipate long term because every time I set a new target to achieve I keep reaching it way ahead of the date or time schedule I anticipated.

Are you employed currently? What do you do for a job?

Yes I am currently a director of a distribution company, Lockbolt (ERS) Ltd, we specialise in high performance specialist fasteners for many markets including railroad, quarry, bridge building etc, and also supply custom hardware parts used in the telecommunications market.

How do you see this as different from regular gambling?

I see it as less of a risk and also harder to lose my money, if I place a regular bet and it loses that is all my stake instantly gone, with a trade on Football Index if it turns out it was a bad trade and the players price is dropping you always have the option to sell at any point to recuperate a large part of your investment. I also think as you learn the index and learn how the markets work it is a lot harder to lose money than it is to make money, yes you won’t profit from every single trade but you make money far more regular than you lose it, with betting this isn’t the case that’s why you’re getting better odds with a bet because the chances of you constantly winning, making money, is a lot lower. Also knowing that my money isn’t instantly lost on football index also then gives you more reassurance for your next trade whereas a series of losing bets can be demoralising.

Is it more intellectually satisfying than regular betting, if so why?

For me personally it is, I can’t quite put my finger on the exact reason why, I think maybe just the fact you are trading on a market rather than placing a bet just gives it more of a different feel.

Have you found it easy to pick up?

The general usage of Football Index is very easy to pick up, the main concept you really just need to learn is why movements in the market happen and when players prices will rise or drop and for what reason. The more you watch the market and match this up with events in real life football this is something you can then pick up quite easy as well. I think it definitely pays off to spend some time initially learning the market before starting to trade.

Do you have a strategy and if so what is it briefly?

As I have been on the index less than 6 months I would say I still have not fully set myself on a strategy, I have been trialling different strategies to try and see which one to stick with long term but the one I definitely use the most and it sounds simple and obvious but it is buy low, sell high. I like buying players I think are undervalued or have dropped in price for no particular reason and then selling for a profit when they rise. Sometimes it means going against the market as you are buying the players others are selling but I find this satisfying when it starts paying off.

How do you find the platform? Do you enjoy using it?

I really enjoy the platform I think it is such a great and unique concept and it is constantly improving month on month.

Do you think Football Index will be successful in the future? How do you see the market evolving?

Even in my relatively short time on the index the market is constantly growing and there is constant improvements making the model stronger and stronger. The introduction of performance buzz has been brilliant it brings a focus to all the players from the major leagues around Europe and gives you a fantasy football type of enjoyment to games that you may never normally watch but also with the opportunity to be making real money in dividend payouts. I think as the Index is advertised to a wider audience it is only going to grow and grow, especially once people start trading and see the enjoyment and opportunities there is for making money.

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