Our video tutorials help you get better acquainted with our platform and improve your trading skills. Our videos make it easy for you to get started and to excel.

How does it work?:

Our Getting Started video gives an overview of how to use the platform.

How to Buy: Learn how to buy shares in your favourite footballers.

How to Sell: There are two ways to sell your shares, find out how.

Media Dividends: What are Media Dividends and how do I win them?

The Top 200 and The Squad: Why are there two different lists of players?

How to choose a player: Watch our Spotting The Next Star video for examples of rising players you may like to consider adding to your portfolio.

Ideas for players to buy: Watch Mo Salah’s Rise on Football Index.

Watch Raheem Sterling’s journey on Football INDEX.

Watch how Lionel Messi has stormed the football stock market.

Learn how purchasing the top performing players, like Sanchez, can be a good bet.

If you’re a beginner, visit our new trader section here or if you’re an existing user wanting to brush up on your skills, visit the existing trader section here.

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