Further Media Dividend Info

Further Media Dividend Info

The high level concept of Football Index is to create a market that allows users to trade and be rewarded on the basis of the level of performance of a given footballer. One of the ways we try to reward that, is of course the Media Dividend. We focus on specified sports feeds, so that the reward is primarily dictated by football and highly football related stories, and that remains “the spirit” of the rules.

The Game Rules state:

“We reserve the right to remove stories attributed to a footballer, that are not relating to footballing events, or that actually refer to another similarly named person.”

The Game Rules are as specific as reasonably possible without making an exhaustive list of scenarios with would add significant complexity to the document, which we want to be as transparent and easy to understand as possible, however as there have been some questions about this we’d like to clarify the point.

The main intent of this statement in the rules is to avoid non footballing violence, sex or crime related incidents or scandals resulting in dividend rewards. For example, Adam Johnson’s extended trial and conviction is a prime example of a story that dominated media coverage, that we would have wanted to exclude from our feeds.

Alexis Sanchez articles like this one also fall into this category, as it’s clearly related to criminal activity.

Articles that clash on name such as “Pedro” currently of Chelsea, are also eligible to be removed.

Other stories that have less concrete footballing impact are still eligible to contribute to Media Rankings.

If articles need to be removed, this is a manual process and it is not currently possible to exclude these articles automatically. Articles may also not be removed if they do not appear likely to impact dividend payment, or are not reported to support@footballindex.co.uk.

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