Football Index is a real money virtual stockmarket licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. This is a betting platform and should not be viewed as an investment vehicle.

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Accept Price Movement

This is a function when buying Shares which, if accepted, your purchase will go through even if the price of the Shares moves during the transaction.


You place a bet and Buy your Shares at market value. 


A Bid is a bet to purchase a certain amount of Shares at a certain price. When the Share price drops to your specified amount, and as long as there are enough Shares available at that price - they’re yours. Sometimes, part of your Bid will be Matched. Your Bids appear in the Open Bids section under your Portfolio tab. Once your Bid has been Matched/Partially Matched, your shares will appear in your Portfolio.


Whichever way you choose to sell; you will be subject to a 2% commission when the sale completes. This is automatically deducted from your balance as part of the sell transaction.
There is a 1p minimum commission per transaction, so in some instances, this exceeds 2%, for example, if you sell a player for 25p.

Commissions are common on trading platforms, and 2% allows us to be competitive vs industry standards and helps us maintain and improve the platform.’


A fixed daily payout on Shares held in your Portfolio.

Dividend Table

Eligible Competitions

The top leagues in Europe (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1), the main two European football tournaments (Champions League and Europa League) and the main two national team competitions (World Cup and European Championship). The Eligible competitions may also include additional competitions as and when they are available. These are the eligible competitions in which you can win Match Day Dividends.

Eligible Matches

The Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and European Championship. These are the eligible matches in which you can win In-Play Dividends.


The FOOTIE100 is an aggregation of the mid-price of the top 100 footballers on the platform. The FOOTIE100 is an Index that acts as a barometer of the Market’s performance.

Game Rules

These are the official rules of Football Index. It is really important that you read and understand these Game Rules before placing a Bet, particularly as these may change from time to time. They may also have a material influence on whether and how you place any Bet and/or otherwise use Football Index.


Your previous Bids - Matched ones and Cancelled ones.

Initial Player Offering (IPO)

We may introduce up to 50 footballers per day at the price of our discretion.

Initial Player Offering or IPO for short, is the process on Football Index where new footballers are introduced to the platform and are available to purchase from the market.

Traders will be informed the day before which players are being added to the platform, and what price range they will enter the market at. Traders will be able to find the list of players that are being promoted and their price on The price of a footballer is predetermined, and this will decide whether the player will be introduced directly into the Top 200 or Squad Players.

Traders can request players to be added to the market via email to our Customer Support team at or by tweeting us at @FootballIndex.

In-Play Dividends

These are payouts on all positions that score goals/get assists, and goalkeepers that keep a clean sheet. In-Play Dividends are ending on 7th February 2020. More info here.

Instant Sell

Instant Sell lets you cash out your bet and Sell your Shares as quickly as possible. The Instant Sell price of a Share could change depending on how many Shares you want to Sell. In certain circumstances, the Instant Sell option might become unavailable. Note: We take a 2% commission from every sale transaction on the platform.

Live Rankings

Media Rankings is our proprietary daily monitor of specified UK online football news, which drives a daily ranking score published in list form on See Media Dividends for more info.

Match Day Rankings  is our proprietary daily monitor of footballing performance on Match Days across the Eligible Competitions.


If your Bid is Matched, your bet will go ahead. You’ll get all of the Shares you wanted at the price you wanted.


The mid-price is the middle price between the market buy price (the Buy Now price) and the market sell price (the Instant Sell price). In isolated cases where there is no market sell price (no Bids), the bottom price of the Bid Zone will be used as a replacement for the market sell price.
Please note the methodology you choose to set the Benchmark Price (whether it is the mid-price or the market buy price) will determine your All-Time Trading P&L calculation as well as the Current, 7 Day and 24 Hour calculations.

Match Day Dividends

These are payouts on footballers who finish top of the Match Day Rankings. See Match Day Dividends for more info.

Media Dividends

Media Dividends (MD) These are payouts on footballers in the Top 200 who finish top of the Media Rankings. See Media Dividends for more info.

Open Bids

Your Bids waiting to be Matched.


A list of all your Shares held in one place showing cost, current value and profit/loss. Your P/L figure is a notional value based on what you would have to pay for your entire portfolio, it is not necessarily the figure you would achieve if you sold your entire portfolio.

Published Price

The price we publish of each footballer that reflects the levels of demand for buying or selling each footballer.

Sell Queue

You Sell your Shares to other Traders. Selling this way places your Shares in a queue and offers them to other Traders at their current market value (the Buy Price). It could take a bit longer, as other Traders need to Buy them from you to complete the sale. Note: We take a 2% commission from every sale transaction on the platform.


What we call a Bet. See definition above.


The difference between the Buy price and the Sell price is known as ‘The Spread’. This is common to all financial and betting markets. You may have even noticed the difference between the buy and sell price when you change currency to go on holiday.

The spread can change on individual players, or the market as a whole, from time to time.  Low liquidity can result in a temporarily larger spread while the market adjusts.

Squad Players

A list of all remaining tradable footballers.

Top 200

A list of the 200 highest priced footballers.


The purchase of 1 x Share for every one of the top 10, 25, 50 or 100 footballers in the Top 200.


The name we use to describe a customer/user on Football Index.