Football Index is a real money virtual stockmarket licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. This is a betting platform and should not be viewed as an investment vehicle.

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Buy Now

The first type of Buy Order is known as Buy Now. This is when Traders place a Buy Order at the market buy price in order to match and purchase instantly. 

To Buy Now, first tap on the Buy button and then on the Buy Now button. Here you can choose the number of Shares you want to purchase. You can place a Buy Order of up to 300 Shares per Buy Now order. 

Once you have confirmed the number of Shares you want to purchase funds are taken from your account. There are two possible outcomes of your Buy Now order: 

Instant Match - All the Shares you requested to purchase in your Buy Now order are instantly matched at your requested price and added to your Portfolio immediately. 

Partial Instant Match -  As other Traders are placing Buy Orders or cancelling Offers at the same time as you, the full number of Shares you requested to Buy Now are no longer available at your set price. We always work to honour your set Buy Now price. A portion of the Shares you requested to purchase in your Buy Now order are matched and added to your Portfolio. The remaining Shares are not matched and you’ll be refunded the value of those unmatched Shares instantly.

The Buy Now price (market buy price) is calculated using the average price of the lowest 900 Shares available through Offers. This allows Traders to instantly match with the lowest priced Shares available on Offer.

Placing a Bid

The second type of Buy Order is a Bid. Rather than accepting the Buy Now price (market buy price), you can set your own price instead. This is known as a Bid.

To do this, first tap the Buy button, then the Place a Bid button. Now choose the number of Shares you want to purchase and set the price. The maximum quantity of Shares for each Bid is 300. You can place up to 10 Bids per footballer at any one time. 

There are three possible outcomes when your Bid has been placed:


All the Shares in your Bid are matched with Offers.

Bid Partially Matched

Some of the Shares in your Bid were matched with Offers, but some remain unmatched. The unmatched Shares will remain active until they’re matched or cancelled.


Shares in your Bid have not matched. You decide to cancel your Bid, and you are refunded in full immediately. The funds will be added to your account instantly.
Please note Bids do not expire.

The Bid Zone

Each footballer has a minimum price you can place a Bid at. This varies for each footballer. The maximum price a Trader can pace a Bid at is £100 (The Bid Zone Ceiling). So, a Bid can be entered at any price between the Bid Zone Floor and £100. The price range that you can place a Bid on is known as the Bid Zone. You won’t be able to place Bids outside the Bid Zone.

You'll be charged a 2% commission on Bids. You won't be charged commission when you use Buy Now.

Note: You’ll be able to place a maximum of 10 Bids of up to 300 Shares per Bid per footballer at any one time.

A trader Buys or Sells shares in a footballer almost every second on Football Index.

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