Jason K Case Study

Jason K Case Study

Give us some insight into your background and education?

I’m 31 years old, recently married with no children currently. I studied at 6th form after finishing school and completed my A levels which in hindsight was a complete waste of time. After 6th form I worked for 6 months before going travelling with 2 mates for 6 months.

Do you have any background knowledge in trading?

I have never been taught about the stock market or trading in general, but its something I have got into and learnt whilst I traded. I started buying shares in various companies as an investment as interest rates were poor about 5 years ago. I tended to stick with companies that I was familiar with but when football index came along I cashed the majority of these in and put the money into that.

What do you think makes a successful trader?

Number one for sure is patience. Sometimes a player I’ve bought futures in will drop below the price I bought but 99 times out of 100 these players have risen in price in the future. Trust your instincts, there’s a reason you bought that particular player in the first place.

Don’t panic sell for no reason. By all means if a player has just been badly injured then sell but you need to do so early. Sometimes this is best time to pick up a player while the price is low. With the top players the price will always rise when they are due to return from injury.

Be active. Don’t just log on once a week. You need to be constantly on top of your portfolio and react early to any potential increase/decrease in price. That what I love about the index, opportunities on a daily basis to make money.

Football knowledge is key, but that should go without saying. Knowing who’s playing who, who’s injured, who’s going to be linked with a big money move all help with price increases and buzz wins.

Have you made a profit ? .. what kind of return do you anticipate from trading?

I joined in December 15 and have invested about £7000 over the course of that time. My portfolio currently stands at £10300 and I have withdrawn £1300 recently to pay myself some dividends. I anticipate this current return – about 65% to continue especially with the double dividends coming up in November. Also with more and more people joining the price of all players will surely increase.

Are you employed currently? What do you do for a job?

I am a full time postman and have been doing the job for 11 years now. I also coach football in after school clubs and help a friend who owns a landscape gardening company.

How do you see this as different from regular gambling?

With traditional gambling you place a bet and after the event you bet on is over you either win or lose. With football index you have 3 years from a purchase of a player to increase your “bet”. Also at the same time you can win dividends from the bet. Lot more chances of winning, its certainly more fun and personally don’t think its as addictive as standard gambling.

Is it more intellectually satisfying than regular betting, if so why?

Definitely. I believe there is a lot more luck with traditional betting. If you know your football and do your research into fixtures, transfers etc then its very satisfying when a player’s price increases.

Have you found it easy to pick up?

Yes. I was pretty cautious originally with how I played and how much I invested. I think the help videos are brilliant for new users and also twitter is very good for getting help from the more experienced traders if your new to it. I’ve helped a few traders via that medium. Im a lot more confident now and are constantly re jigging my portfolio so free up some cash for new players.

 Do you have a strategy and if so what is it briefly?

I would say most of my futures are for the long term. I’m happy with my portfolio amount at present so am currently withdrawing any buzz wins I have as a form of dividend payment. I’m definitely in it for the long term and can see the index going from strength to strength in the future.

How do you find the platform? Do you enjoy using it?

I love the platform. I think its improved massively with the introduction of performance buzz along with media buzz. It’s the first app I check when I wake up and last before I go to bed.

Do you think Football Index will be successful in the future? How do you see the market evolving?

Yes, for sure. With the increased marketing it will only entice people to join. As I have found some people think its too good to be true when they hear about. Certainly with me, I have convinced about 10 people to join so I think word of mouth will increase the amount of users in the future. I can see all player’s prices increasing in the future with the bigger dividend pay-outs. With me football index has made me more money in the last 2 years than all my other investments combined over the last 5 years!

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