Mark R Case Study: “Be ahead of the game”

Mark R Case Study: “Be ahead of the game”

Give us some insight into your background and education?

I have a B.A. in Film Studies from Roehampton University, but currently, work as an I.T. Manager

Do you have any background knowledge in trading?

I have a few friends who trade Forex and always meant to educate myself in it as the concept of it interested me. However, I didn’t really start and then along came Football INDEX!

What do you think makes a successful trader?

I think the ability to gauge markets and accurately predict future movements makes a successful trader. Spotting value before others can lead to successful trades.

Have you made a profit? .. what kind of return do you anticipate from trading?

I have made a huge profit from Football INDEX. I joined in late January 2016, and as of mid-October 2017, I have made over 570% return on my investment. I was lucky to find Football INDEX relatively early on and am aware that a sizable portion of that return has benefited from the rapid growth of the market in that time, but I hope to continue to make successful trades regardless of what the market does in general.

Are you employed currently? What do you do for a job?

I work full time as an I.T. Operations Manager

How do you see this as different from regular gambling?

“Regular gambling” tends to be the equivalent of short-term, low-risk, high reward trades – for example a 50/1 6-fold accumulator or an 18/1 First Goalscorer bet. Football INDEX is vastly different in the fact that you simply cannot turn £2 into £400 in a single day. You need to invest a substantial amount to make a substantial amount, and it won’t happen overnight, but it is a much more involving and rewarding process doing so.



Is it more intellectually satisfying than regular betting, if so why?

I think it is, but only slightly. I personally try and make informed “regular bets” that are satisfying when they come in, but I think Football INDEX adds an extra dimension because of the other users trading on the market. For instance, traditional bookmakers usually offer a fair price and the scope to find value is quite small, but with Football INDEX you might spot an opportunity early that others have not, and the more ahead of the curve you are on it, the more you can potentially profit.

Have you found it easy to pick up?

Absolutely, the base concept is very simple. This question has reminded me of an adage about poker, where they say it “takes five minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master”. As it’s fairly easy to become a profitable trader, but unlikely you will ever become a perfect one, this may also apply somewhat to the Football INDEX.

Do you have a strategy and if so what is it briefly?

The Buzz dividend concept is what I believe makes the Football INDEX “world” go around. My strategy from the beginning has been to actively chase the Buzz dividends, investing in the players that traditionally has the best shots at winning the Media Buzz, and later when it was introduced, the Opta Performance Buzz Dividends.

You can also spot value opportunities and profit from appreciation growth on futures, but this demands from you a higher skill cap, as the risk (and reward) can be higher – but I feel you cannot go too far wrong aiming for those Buzz dividends.

How do you find the platform? Do you enjoy using it?

I think the platform is great and continues to develop in encouraging ways. I have been vocal in suggesting tweaks and improvements to the Football INDEX team since I have been trading on the platform, and the team are very interested to hear and discuss what I, and many others like me on social media, suggest to improve the platform. I hope this continues and the user experience goes from strength-to-strength.

Do you think Football Index will be successful in the future? How do you see the market evolving?

I think Football INDEX will be very successful. To me, it was immediately a fascinating concept, and I can see the widespread appeal of it. Since then, they have added an extra layer to the “game” with the Opta Performance Dividends, meaning that you can now profit from picking players based on their skill and statistics, as well as their Media appeal, which will attract users from the large and ever-growing market of Fantasy Football, as the skills from this now lend itself to skills required to profit from the Football INDEX.

Football INDEX have also shown themselves willing to keep the market growing at a rapid rate, by increasing the dividend payouts as the market grows. Increased rewards naturally leads to increased investment so for me there is no reason why the Index should not continue to go from strength-to-strength!

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