Match Day Dividends

Match Day Dividends

To win Match Day Dividends, your footballer has to finish top of the Match Day Rankings.

Match Day Rankings is our daily monitor of footballing performance on Match Days.  Match Day Dividends are won across the top leagues in Europe (Premier LeagueLa LigaBundesligaSerie A, and Ligue 1), the main two European football tournaments (Champions League and Europa League), the main two national team competitions (World Cup and European Championship) and the UEFA European Championship Qualifiers. Eligible competitions may also include additional competitions as and when they are available.

All footballers are eligible to win Match Day Dividends.

Traders have to purchase Shares in a footballer before 15:00 (London time) to be eligible to win Match Day Dividends on that day.

Payouts for Match Day Dividends are between 00:00 (London time) and 03:00 (London time) the day after the Dividend was won. To receive Match Day Dividends, Traders have to hold the footballer until you have been credited.

The amount of Match Day Dividends paid out depends on the number of, and the prestige level of, the football matches taking place on that day see Dividend Table below:

On each day there is a football match in any of the Eligible Competitions, we rank all the participating footballers according to our Points Scoring Matrix (below).

We pay Match Day Dividends on four categories: Forward, Midfielder, Defender/Goalkeeper and Star Player. Each category is won by the top scoring footballer in their respective position and Star Player is awarded to the top overall scorer.

In the example below the Match Day Dividend winners are as follows:

Top Forward: Alexandre Lacazette

Top Midfielder: Granit Xhaka

Top Defender: Nacho Monreal

Star Player: Granit Xhaka

Footballer playing positions are categorised based on data from a third party data provider, and may be updated in the case that the supplier changes the category of a given footballer.

IMPORTANT: You have to Buy Shares in a footballer before 15:00 (London time) to be eligible to win Match Day Dividends on that day.

There are three different types of Match Days depending on how many eligible matches are being played. You can find out which type of Match Day we’re on through the Football Index Twitter account.

Bronze Match Day = 1 – 4 matches

Silver Match Day = 5 – 14 matches

Gold Match Day = 15+ matches

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