Media Dividends

Media Dividends

To win Media Dividends, your footballer has to top the Media Rankings.

Media Rankings is our daily monitor of online UK football news, which drives a daily score. On Match Days, the top footballer with the highest score each day by 00:00 (London time) wins. On non-Match Days, the top three footballers win.

You have to Buy Shares in a footballer before 15:00 (London time) to be eligible to win Media Dividends on that day.

Media Dividends are paid out between 00:00 (London time) and 03:00 (London time) on the day after the Dividend was won. To receive Media Dividends you have to hold the footballer until you have been credited.

When there are eligible matches for Match Day Dividends there is only one Media Dividend winner. The payout is:

Media Winnings on a Match Day: £0.03

When there are no eligible matches there are three winners. The payouts are:

1st Media Ranking: £0.05

2nd Media Ranking: £0.03

3rd Media Ranking: £0.01

In the event of a tie, the footballer with the latest story unique to that footballer (out of the footballers who are tied) will be ranked higher. We reserve the right to remove stories attributed to a footballer that are not relating to footballing events or that refer to another similarly named but incorrect person.

The news feeds we monitor are:

Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

You can track the Live Rankings score via the tab on the FI app and desktop as shown below:

Further info regarding Media Dividend Rules can be found here.

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