Petrit B Case Study

Petrit B Case Study

Give us some insight into your background education?

At sixth form I did maths, English literature and product design.

At university I studied product design engineering.

So you could say that I’ve always studied something with a mathematical aspect to it, which has perhaps helped me on football index.


Do you have any background knowledge in trading?

I used to trade a little bit on the Betfair exchange, and I’ve done work experience and placements at market makers before so I’ve always had an interest in investing and trading. I’ve also recently started investing and trading in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which in terms of volatility at least reminds me of football index.


What do you think makes a successful trader?

There are three key characteristics for me.


  1. Patience- you’d be surprised how many times people buy/sell players purely out of boredom. Having that discipline is quite important so that you actually act on attractive entry points rather than just buying for the hell of it.
  2. Risk analysis- analysing risk is potentially the most important skill needed in any market. ‘Is it worth staking that much money for that potential return?’ ‘What is the downside compared to the upside?’ are two questions I often ask myself when purchasing players!
  3. Objectivity- Too many times I’ve seen football index traders fail due to emotional attachment due to players. Whether it be a hot prospect that plays for the club they adore or a player that’s linked to that same club- so often users stay emotionally attached, when in reality you should be calm, cold and collected.


Have you made a profit? What kind of return do you anticipate from trading?

I recently broke £20,000 profit and my net deposits have only ever been just a tad above £3000. I have now since de risked myself, meaning my withdrawals > deposits. I didn’t anticipate these returns whatsoever, at first it was just so I could have an extra bit of money during university- or putting my money to work instead of spending it needlessly etc. I first realised the potential in about may/june 2017 when I breached £10,000 profit, at that point I realised how incredible the potential returns could be in the future!


Are you employed currently? What do you do for a job?

Having just graduated, I started a YouTube and twitter account called ‘football index guide’ to help new and existing users trade on football index. I also have a podcast on iTunes that people seem to like. Due to this social media venture, I’ve actually managed to get an internship at a digital banking consultancy, helping grow their media, consultancy and venture branches- combining my entrepreneurial background with the more creative social media experience I have gained. As you can see, this wouldn’t have been possible without football index so I’m thankful not only for the profit I’ve made but for the football index twitter community for giving me this opportunity.


I’m also a black belt in Shotokan Karate, and I am a part time instructor at Muswell hill karate academy in London!


How do you see this as different from regular gambling?

Far more profitable, less stressful and far less risky.


Is it more intellectually satisfying than regular betting? If so, why?

It definitely is, I think it teaches you skills. I talked about patience and risk analysis earlier on and these are skills you can take forward in life. I’ve also found that prospective employers have seen my football index exploits in a very positive light.


Have you found it easy to pick up?

I am the 2404th user as of January 2016, so I was one of the early adopters. I didn’t fully go gung ho until may/June 2016 however after I finished my second year of university. That’s when I properly started trading and haven’t looked back ever since!


Do you have a strategy and if so, what is it briefly?

20% of my profits stem from dividends so I mostly profit from capital appreciation. This is the strategy I have found best, and have found no reason to change!


How do you find the platform? Do you enjoy using it?

I enjoy using it, and the platform is unique. There are bugs here and there but you can appreciate that football index are only 2 years old, and that refinement will come with time!


Do you think Football INDEX will be successful in the future? How do you see the market evolving?

Well I wouldn’t have created a YouTube channel and twitter account solely about football index if I didn’t think it had incredible potential!

I see this eating and eating away at the market share of online gambling in general. The more and more people use it and profit, the less people will be betting in an orthodox manner and at that point I think well have mass adoption of alternative gambling platforms like football index.


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