Steven D Case Study

Steven D Case Study

Give us some insight into your background education?

I’m only educated to GCSE level via the traditional methods, but since leaving school I have obtained various insurance qualifications.


Do you have any background knowledge in trading?

I have no specific training etc, but have several year’s experience of the Betfair gambling exchange, where I have employed various trading strategies (lay the draw, lay-to-back etc) with varying degrees of success!


What do you think makes a successful trader?

Above all, I would say that you need patience. It is vital not to panic, and you should always look at a reason to make a trade; ie do not blindly follow the crowd. There was recently an example when Aguero was injured in that car accident in Amsterdam. A lot of traders ‘panic sold’, regardless of the associated costs, and would have lost quite a bit of money. A more measured approach may have seen them hold him (especially given that there was an international break so he couldn’t win PB anyway), and he is now currently trading higher than immediately prior to his injury.


Have you made a profit?

What kind of return do you anticipate from trading? I am currently sitting at over 150% ROI, from approximately 20 months trading. I made mistakes early on, and despite my previous answer, was guilty of holding onto Ibrahimovic for longer than I should have following his serious injury. This was a lesson learnt, and one that I did not repeat when Griezmann announced that he was staying at Atletico! As for anticipated returns, my total buzz dividend returns are trending upwards month-on-month, and whilst I do not win enough to live on entirely (yet!), they certainly cover my mortgage costs and pay for a few holidays a year!




Are you employed currently? What do you do for a job?

I am an Insurance Investigator, working on a self-employed basis. I basically advise insurers how to handle claims which are presented against them.


How do you see this as different from regular gambling?

The main feature for me is the multiple ways to win from effectively one bet. In traditional gambling you place a bet and it either wins or loses. With Football Index you also get the chance to collect dividend payments along the way, as well as your futures (hopefully) appreciating in value.


Is it more intellectually satisfying than regular betting? If so, why?

It is definitely more intellectually satisfying, yes. You are rewarded directly for your football knowledge, and there is a strong correlation between the amount of research/effort that you put in, and how successful you are.


Have you found it easy to pick up?

Yes. The concept itself is relatively simply, which is the beauty of it really. The average football fan should have no trouble grasping the basics, and like everything in life, if you learn from your mistakes you won’t go far wrong!


Do you have a strategy and if so, what is it briefly?

Aside from having the conviction to back your own decisions (and not follow the crowd without good reason as outlined above), I like to plan a week or so in advance for Performance Buzz. I try to highlight players who I think will be in contention for one of the 3 dividends, and buy early in anticipation of them rising in price as other traders jump onboard.


How do you find the platform? Do you enjoy using it?

The platform is great; it’s easy to navigate, well-designed, and fun to use!


Do you think Football INDEX will be successful in the future? How do you see the market evolving?

Yes, I really do. Hopefully the introduction of so-called ‘Penny Stocks’ in November will be the final major change, and Adam and the team can focus on growing the brand. As we know, the gambling industry in the UK (not to mention Asia etc) is MASSIVE, but Football Index remains relatively unknown. Once word spreads, and confidence in the concept grows, it could really take off. I genuinely believe that if it’s marketed correctly, and continues to grow, there will be traders who make a full-time living on Football Index. I hope to see a time whereby when a player scores, instead of the conversation between mates in the pub turning to how that affects their acca, it turns to how it affects that player’s price on Football Index!


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