There are many reasons why Traders buy footballers, here are just a few examples:

Transfer speculation

Is a footballer involved in a high-profile transfer? This tends to dominate the news headlines and as a result puts the footballer in contention for Media Dividends.


Upcoming talent

Have you spotted a footballer who you think is going to be the next Lionel Messi? Get him before the rest of the world catches up with you.

Returning from injury 

Footballers could be ruled out due to injury but keep track of their comeback as it could be a good opportunity to buy them before their return.

Footballers in form

Footballers in form could be contenders for a double Dividend win: Media and Match Day Dividends. Great performances tend to get news headlines and if they perform well in accordance with our points scoring matrix, they will most likely win you Dividends.


International break

Consider international footballers, squad announcements, potential debuts BUT REMEMBER internationals are not eligible for Match Day Dividends. This may change during international tournaments.


Planning ahead

If you can, plan ahead by look at upcoming fixtures and plan accordingly. Does a home team have a relatively easy game? Stock up on the footballers you think will shine.


Footballers in the media

Look for footballers who tend to get the headlines more often than not. They could be in contention for Media Dividends.


In-Play Dividends 

We have seen footballers can rise and fall based on their in-game performance so keep an eye on the market during the matches and give yourself an opportunity to win In-Play Dividends.

Patience is key

First rule of Football Index: be patient do not expect to win thousands from day one. Build your Portfolio at your own pace and go from there.


Main tip

Try and think what other Traders are thinking. Prices are determined by the supply and demand so try and predict what other people are going to do.



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