Tips for new traders

Tips for new traders

Top Tips: How to win/profit strategies

Patience is key – Don’t expect to win thousands from day, build your portfolio at your own pace and go from there

Media players – Look for players who tend to get the news headlines more often than not. They could be in contention for Media Dividends but remember the Dividend Deadline is 14:00

Transfer speculation – If a player is involved in a high-profile transfer, this tends to dominate the news headlines and as a result be in contention for media dividends

Players inform – Could be contenders for a double dividend win, Media & Match Day Dividends. Great performances tend to get news headlines and if their performance reflects well with our scoring system, they’ll most likely win you dividends

In-Play Swings – Players can rise and fall based on their in-game performance, so keep an eye on the market during the matches

Returning from injury – Players can be ruled out due to injury and therefore have no chances of winning Match Day Dividends. Keep track of his comeback and decide when his return could impact the market

Upcoming young relatively unknown players – Spotted a player who you think is going to be a world-beater one day? Get him before the rest of the world catches up to you

International Break – Consider International players, squad announcements, potential debuts etc.

Planning ahead – Look at upcoming fixtures etc and plan accordingly

Use Social – Follow us on Twitter @FootballIndexUK  where you will hear the breaking news from Football INDEX HQ

Only deposit what you can afford to lose as after all it this is a gambling platform.

BONUS TIP: Think what other Traders are thinking. Prices are determined by the supply and demand so try and predict what other people are going to do.

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