Tips from current Traders

Tips from current Traders


Liam McDonnell has been trading on the platform since late 2015 and has witnessed the whole evolution of the Index.

What is Football Index?

If you are reading this, you are more than likely a new Trader on the unique betting platform that is Football Index. The common phrase used is that it is the ‘Football Stockmarket’ and although you can poke many holes in this statement, it is the most fitting description of what is a unique idea. Prices move based on demand, Dividends are paid daily, and you work to build a profitable Portfolio.

A couple of common statements I hear from people who are often dismissive like to state: ‘you do not own an underlying asset’; and ‘it is gambling’. Both of which are true, but not necessarily things that should deter anyone from the platform.

First, you do not own a minute fraction of Lionel Messi’s leg when you purchase him – however, millions are traded daily on IG accounts and such like through spread betting you do not own any assets there either. You are simply relying on the performance of a stock or the index. Just like you are here, except this time you are not fighting off elite bankers and algorithms trying to outdo you.

Second, it falls under the Gambling Commission and fixed odds betting licence, but it draws no comparison to regular football betting. Regular betting is binary and you either win or lose usually within a few hours of placing the bet. With the Index, your capital is continually working to potentially earn you money through capital appreciation or Dividends. Further to this, Football Index as a company does not require you to lose in order for them to profit. Since revenue comes mainly from sales commission, they are not the enemy on the other side of your loss. Arguably the biggest benefit of the Index falling under the remit of the Gambling Commission? Two words: tax free.

Why am I doing this?

I have been on the Index for over two years and have been writing articles for the Index for over a year. I speak to multiple new Traders every day and answer many of the same questions over and over simply because there has never been a platform like this before. This guide has been designed from my own experience and from getting feedback from many new Traders on what they want and need to know. The below links can be used to jump to the parts that you need the most – it is quite a long one but beneficial none the less.


What is Football Index?

How do I Buy & Sell Shares?

What is a Dividend?

Top 200 & Squad Players

Player Prices


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