The value of your Portfolio can be impacted on a number of different things, for example:


Depending of the severity of the injury, Traders tend to Instant Sell their footballers if they believe they will be out for a while.



Footballers going through a bad patch can impact their price in a negative way.



These will result in a smaller chance of winning Match Day Dividends.


Negative media coverage

The Media Rankings are based on media coverage in a positive light so any non-footballing news such as violence, sex or crime related incidents or scandals will not be taken into account.


The Game Rules state:

‘We reserve the right to remove stories attributed to a footballer, that are not relating to footballing events, or that actually refer to another similarly named person.’


Transfer speculation

This can have an adverse effect on a footballer’s price. For example, a move to China or any leagues which are not eligible for Match Day Dividends.



Fear of missing out – do not worry we all get it. There are always opportunities on the Index so just be ready for the next one.



Only deposit what you can afford to lose, as after all this is a gambling platform.




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