What is a Dividend?

What is a Dividend?

There are three types of Dividends:

  • Media Dividends (MD)

Media Dividends are payouts on footballers who finish top of the ‘Media Rankings‘. See Media Dividends for more info.

  • Match Day Dividends (MDD)

Match Day Dividends are payouts on footballers who finish top of the ‘Match Day Rankings‘. See Match Day Dividends for more info.

  • In-Play Dividends (IPD)

In-Play Dividends are payouts on all positions that score goals/get assists, and goalkeepers that keep a clean sheet. See In-Play Dividends for more info.

Please be aware that you have to hold onto the Shares until you have been credited with the payout in order to receive the Dividend payout.

Dividends are paid out according to the Dividend Table. This shows the full break down of Dividend Payouts:

The top-ranking footballers in the Media and Match Day Rankings win Dividends.

If you buy a Share prior to the Dividend Deadline and that Share is ranked in one of the categories in the Dividend Table it’ll be eligible for a payout. 

For Match Day and Media Dividends, the deadline is 15:00 GMT, so if you buy a Share before 15:00 on any given day and you own that share by 23:59:59, you will win Dividends.

Dividends are paid between 00:00 and 03:00 GMT time.

Example 1

If you own 100 Shares of Mohamed Salah and he finishes top of the Media Rankings on a Media Day you would win:

100 x £0.05 = £5.00

Example 2

If you own 100 Shares of Lionel Messi and he finishes as Top Forward and Star Player on a Gold Match Day, you would win:

100 x £0.08 = £8.00 +

100 x £0.08 = £8.00.

A total of £16.00.

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