What is Football Index?

What is Football Index?


Football Index is a revolutionary gambling platform, similar to a stock market, where traders can bet with real money on the future success of the world’s top footballers.

You place a Bet (which we call a ‘Share’) with us in exchange for the chance to win a daily payout (which we call a ‘Dividend’). As the Bet is a fixed odds bet, we publish the price of each footballer that reflects the levels of demand for buying or selling each footballer (‘Published Price’).  It’s a UK licensed and regulated fixed-odds gambling product.

Before you place a Bet it is really important you understand that we have the right to change the Game Rules at any time. Any changes to the Game Rules will be announced on the Website and/or via email and other forms of communication we deem appropriate at the time.

How Do I Win?

Traders place bets by buying ‘Shares’ in footballers, in the belief that they will:

1. Capital Appreciation

By buying a Portfolio of footballers that you think will increase in price, as a result of increased demand, enabling you to cash out your Bets at a profit – buy low, sell high!

2. Dividend Yield

You can win ‘Media Dividends‘, ‘Match Day Dividends‘ and ‘In-Play Dividends‘. A Dividend is a fixed payout on Shares held in your Portfolio. See ‘What Is A Dividend?’ for more info.

Watch the video below for a quick overview:

Learn more about Football Index:

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What Is A Dividend?

Media Dividends

Match Day Dividends

In-Play Dividends

Top 200 and Squad Players

Still not sure? Watch our videos

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