What is Football Index?

What is Football Index?


Football Index is a revolutionary gambling platform. The platform operates like a traditional stock market, with Traders buying and selling Shares in footballers for real money. Traders aim to buy low and sell high, whilst winning performance-based Dividends along the way. 

Buying a Share is, in reality, placing a bet on the long-term performance of a player. Selling a Share is cashing your bet out.

Footballer prices are determined by supply and demand, i.e. the more Shares bought in a footballer, the higher their value will rise (and vice versa). The aim is to use your football knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.  


Ways to win

Buy low, sell high

Do you think Marcus Rashford is about to go on a scoring spree? Scouted the next Jadon Sancho? Buy shares in him on Football Index and, if you’re right, his Share price should rise. Then, you can sell at a profit. 

The concept is simple – buy low, sell high. 


There are three types of Dividends you can win on each share you own:

  • Media
    Daily Payouts based on footballers who make the most headlines that day.
  • Match Day
    Payouts based on a footballer’s on-pitch performance.
  • In-Play
    Payouts on goals, assists and clean sheets.



Learn more about Football Index:

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Media Dividends

Match Day Dividends

In-Play Dividends

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Still not sure? Watch our videos

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