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Your Portfolio

The Portfolio tab on your Football Index account tells you everything you need to know about the Shares you own and how your Trading strategy is playing out. You can see all the Shares you own, plus a whole host of information about how they’re performing.

Your Shares

All of your Shares are stored in your Portfolio. You Can see the amount of Shares you own in each footballer, all-time Dividend winnings for this footballer, the Average Cost, Benchmark price, Difference and the current Buy Now and Instant Sell prices. 

Average Cost is just that - the average amount you paid for the Shares you own in a specific player.

The Benchmark column shows the value of your Shares in relation to your chosen Portfolio valuation. If you toggle to a different Portfolio valuation, the numbers in this column will change. See below for more on the different modes of valuation you can choose.

Difference is the difference between the Average Cost and the Benchmark (excluding Dividends). You can use the Difference column as a snapshot of how successful your Trading in.

The green bar at the top shows you a total of all of these metrics.

Open Bids/Offers and History

The Open Bids/Offers and History tabs show you what Bids and Offers you currently have live on the market, and a history of the Bids and offers you’ve previously placed. Simple.

Portfolio valuation

There are four different settings for Portfolio valuation:

90 Day Average
The average of all shares traded within the market over the last 90 days informs your Portfolio Value. This valuation gives a good indication of your Shares’ recent performance.

Buy Price
This Portfolio valuation is based on the VWAP of the 900 lowest priced Shares Offered by Football Index or other Traders in that footballer.

Mid Price
The Mid-Price valuation uses the middle point between the market buy price (the Buy Now price) and the market sell price (the Instant Sell price) for each Share. It gives you a total based on the accumulated mid-prices of all your Shares.

VWAP of All Offers
This valuation is based on the VWAP price of all the shares in the Offer stack. This value is then applied to your Shares - and your Portfolio valuation is based on that.

You can toggle your preferred Portfolio valuation mode on your Account page.

A trader Buys or Sells shares in a footballer almost every second on Football Index.

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